Sunday, September 20, 2015

Setting up the new 24 inch sheave...Slower surface travel speed and increased torque will yield high-quality coils with uniform spacing between the turns.

The tried-and-true drive assembly is placed in the worktable base.

The support rack idler wheels are centered over the drive pulley and pulled away from the table edge to accommodate the new sheave and flange unit.

The new head stock resting in place and waiting for a new 72" drive belt. C-clamps, a rubber mallet, and shim stock make the project gel in minutes.

Remember to clean thoroughly the bell end of the new tube section. Dirt and other corruption make the joint between the tube and the flange connector difficult to assemble and take apart. One go-around with a 10' section of tube and you'll realize immediately why 4 inch is as large as it gets for this project. 

Weight with hardware is 22.2 lbs., and the new travel speed on the 4" work piece surface is 171 inches per minute.

The new travel speed is ideal for 1/16" 5356 aluminum wire. Removing one of the shims, shown stacked to the right of the pulley, allows the operator to rotate the sheave by hand during set up.

Before winding, we'll put on four adhesive strips. Here is the "before" shot.

And here is the "after" result, with the blue painter's tape removed.

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